Warren Cohen, LARSE Director

Research Forester, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Courtesy Professor, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University
Courtesy Professor, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China
Member, Landsat Science Team & Carbon Monitoring System Science Team

Warren Cohen

Remote sensing is an exciting scientific and applications discipline that consists of a number of tools for solving real world problems. The problems I am interested in concern human and climatic effects on vegetation, and the ability of that vegetation to support healthy and diverse ecosystems. Because of this, my research focus is on the translation of remotely sensed data into useful ecological information for process modeling and resource management applications. Primary applications include vegetation monitoring, carbon dynamics, and biodiversity.

By necessity, I focus on the full spectrum of analyses from calibrating raw sensor data through the development of land cover and cover change map products using innovative approaches. Characterizing uncertainly in change maps and estimating area of disturbed forest by disturbance magnitude and agent are important new research pursuits.

I remain actively engaged in exploiting Landsat time series, MODIS, and lidar data, and in integrating data from multiple sensors with field data for effective use in ecology. I am on the editorial board of the journal Remote Sensing of Environment and since the early 1990s have been actively engaged in several aspects of the Landsat program.


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