Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium: Willamette River Basin Mapping Project

The Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium (PNW-ERC), funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, was created "to address specific priority environmental problems in the Northwest, while at the same time developing the ecological understanding and scientific approaches needed to implement ecosystem management on a broad scale." There are 31 focused projects within the PNW-ERC, addressing a wide variety of ecological research questions over two different ecological provinces. The Willamette River Basin Mapping Project (WRBMP) is an effort to provide a detailed land use/ land cover map of the Willamette River Basin from Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) data. This map will be used to correlate current land use patterns with existing ecological conditions, and to provide the reference for the generation of future land cover scenarios. In addition, the map will be used by various local planning groups, including the Willamette Valley Livability Forum and the Governor's Watershed Councils.