Interagency Vegetation Mapping Project

The Interagency Vegetation Mapping Project (IVMP) is a joint effort by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to map forest structure and composition variables (quadratic mean diameter, percent canopy cover, and percent cover of broadleaves and conifers) in western Oregon and Washington using Landsat-5 TM data. Project products will be used in the effectiveness monitoring of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) modules including late-successional / old-growth forests, northern spotted owls, marbled murrelets and aquatic / riparian species. IVMP is using regression modeling to relate satellite spectral values to “ground truth” derived from inventory plots in order to map forest characteristics as continuous variables rather than as classes. This technique allows the same map product to be delivered to each NWFP module team, which then can break the map into classes appropriate for their specific needs.