Forest Cover Change Project

Assessing Eastern North American Forest Disturbance and Regrowth:
Potential from Passive Optical Remote Sensing Evaluated in the Mid-Atlantic Region

This project was funded by NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program in support of the North American Carbon Program (NACP). The Forest Cover Change Project had the following goals: 
1. To evaluate approaches for monitoring Mid-Atlantic land- and forest-cover change, disturbance, and recovery with passive optical satellite remote sensing observations (i.e. Landsat, MODIS, IKONOS). 
2. To create a validated set of techniques for exploiting passive optical remote sensing to provide the needed forest measurements in Eastern U.S. forests that will support NACP goals. 
3. To address a hierarchy of increasing measurement difficulty: (a) mapping forest disturbance, regrowth, and change; (b) obtaining forest age assessments for regenerating forests; and (c) obtaining direct estimates of biomass and biomass change for regenerating forests.